Do you have plans of wedding this summer? Well, if that is the case, then you have come to right page. Crystal heels are one of the most important things required for your wedding. There is no need to walk up and down the streets of New York wondering where to buy silver wedding shoes or any type of shoes because you can buy them from the comfort of your couch, thanks to online shopping. However, before you check with any online store, there are things you have to consider when buying wedding shoes.
crystal heels
Tips for buying Crystal Heels

During the wedding, you will spend hours standing. Before you pay for any crystal high heels, it is good to ensure that they fit properly. You have to ask yourself whether you can walk comfortably while wearing the shoes. You have to practice walking with the shoes prior to the wedding day.
crystal high heels
Pick the shoes that you love

Wedding shoes are a treasure that you need to keep for many years. Unlike a wedding dress, you can wear crystal high heels after the event. If you want to feel sexy and beautiful on your wedding day, you have to pick the best shoes. It does not make sense to fret over the latest fashion trends if you do not love them. In case you pick stylistic silver wedding shoes, they will stand a test of time.

Be organized

Just like the wedding gown, wedding shoes are among the most essential things you require during the wedding. Therefore, it is wise to choose shoes at the same time with your wedding gown. For one reason buying shoes with a wedding dress will enable you buy something fitting. The height of your shoes will determine the length of wedding you need. You have to consult your designer before buying heels.

Choose the right heel height

Stiletto loving brides tend to compromise with the height of swarovski crystal heels. Before you pay for any shoes, you have to find out whether your husband will feel comfortable walking with you on the altar. In simple words, you have to select heel height you will feel comfortable wearing.

Theme of your wedding

The best wedding shoes should reflect the theme of your wedding. Beautiful butterfly shoes are perfect for a butterfly themed wedding. If you love style and themes to be part of your wedding then you have to make sure that you choose carefully.

Buy shoes compatible the surrounding

You have to find out the venue of your wedding before shopping for wedding shoes. Muddy heels might be good for garden weddings. If you want to have a beach wedding, you should consider flat sandals.


Wedding shoes and heels attract go at different prices. While planning your wedding, think about the cost of your wedding shoes. To get good shoes, you have to spare more for the same. However, before buying shoes, ensure that you compare prices offered by various online stores. Shopping for cheap wedding does not mean that you should go for low quality. We have stores that stock quality products at pocket friendly prices. Furthermore, you can take advantage of discounts and promotions to shop for your dream shoes without digging deeper into your pocket.

Consider dying your shoes
There is no need to panic when you do not find the exact shoes you are looking for. Online stores such as My Glass Slipper, Dyeable and Rainbow Club stock shoes that will match with your dress. If you do not find some, you can think about dying them.
Statement of the shoes
In case you want to wear a traditional wedding dress, make sure that your shoes match with the occasion. It is not mandatory to wear ivory or white during the wedding. You can choose traditional shoes as long as they match with the theme.

In conclusion, with the many brands of crystal high heel shoes on the market,such as LuxButterfly. selecting the best can be one of the most daunting tasks. Before buying shoes or heels, you have to consider price, theme, wedding dress and height of the heels among others. The benefit of buying good crystal heels is that you can use them for another occasion other than the wedding.