It Just Happened… Finally!

It all just came together. As I was showering, of course.

I do a lot of reading and researching in the field of marketing and creativity. I am constantly driven to be solve that riddle.

As I was holstering the soap, the connections started happening.

According to recent research, the following are true, with citations.

  • Problems are solved better by others, rather than by the person with the problem (Polman, 2011).
  • If you are relaxed, you are more creative (Lehrer, 2012).
  • Imagining yourself as a seven-year-old allows you to be more creative (Lehrer, 2012).
  • Introverts, allowed to work alone, usually have the best solutions (Cain, 2012).
  • Group brainstorming does not work (Lehrer, 2012).

The reason I do what I do, is because I have sensed these truths for some time. I work better when not in committees, or in a cubicle, or under pressure, and, of course, when acting like a seven-year-old.

If you do not listen to me, I understand. Who am I?

But, listen to the research. Please. Stop doing what you are doing. It does not work. You can no longer say you have not heard that before.

Either that, or stop saying that you want creative solutions.